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For the relief or treatment of fungal nails, NailKalm is only available through podiatrists. It may also be used for fungal skin infections and may help reduce nail blemishes and restore fungal nails to a healthy state. NailKalm is the most effective over the counter anti-fungal treatment.

Simple to use and very affordable. $41.30

Products available through our clinics

Helps relieve heel and arch pain.
Tired feet, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs
Can be frozen for greater relief

Heel Cups
Shock absorbers for your feet. 
Useful for

  • Plantar fasciitis and heel pain

  • Sore, tired and burning feet

  • Painful feet and legs due to overweight and/or pregnancy


Eulactol Anti-fungal Foot Spray 

Effective anti-fungal treatment in a easy to use spray pack. For athletes foot & tinea

50ml $16.95

Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray
Deodorises, cools and refreshes the feet

 50ml $9.95

Dermal Therapy Heel Balm 
Clinically tested to hydrate dry, cracked heels and feet. Visible results in just 3 days
100g    $17.95
50g      $12.00


Walkers Urea 25 Heel conditioner 
Heel conditioner for dry, cracked heels

100g $12.95

Walkers Sports Tape 
A high quality fabric sports tape that provides firm control and stabilisation in injury prevention. Great for ankle and foot strapping.

38mm $14.00

Canesten Topical Cream 
Anti-fungal cream for various fungal skin infections

20g $19.95

Axign Flip Flops
Contains Axign Foot Mapping technology to provide maximum contact with the arch to bring relief to common foot conditions and tired legs,  including heel pain, arch pain, shin splints and calf pain.

Available in 4 colours $44.95.

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